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a honey-done!

You have enough to do on your weekends without the stress of another DIY Project. We know you have better things to do with your time like enjoying a BBQ in your back yard, or watching the big game.

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Visto is more than just a video doorbell. It is a device that becomes part of your life. It is for convenience, so you can enjoy your pool and not have to answer the door as you are enjoying the sun. It is a security device that allows you to always know who is at your door. It can give you motion notifications so you know when your kids arrive home from school. Overall it is something that you have been missing in your life and you didn’t even know it!

So how do you get it?

Because the Visto is only sold through installing dealers such as low voltage security dealers or electricians. These dealers are professional installers who have seen the many types of configurations which are common in doorbell wiring. You might be asking, why I do I need an installer, I am pretty handy? Even though a video doorbell is not rocket science, it does involve electrical wiring and some technical know-how. With many “smart” products that claim that they are easy to install, you end up fighting with your router or end up drilling too many holes in your walls.

1.Choose your product

Pick which model fits your house or project.

2. Find a Dealer

If you already know a low voltage electrician or security installer, great!
But if you don’t, we can help!
Just put your adress or zip code below and we will give you a list of Visto certified dealers in your area.

3. Ask for a quotation

Once you get the list of dealers, you can contact the one you want or contact multiple dealers to get the bid which is most comfortable for you and thats it. Sit back and relax, let the professionals take care of everything.

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