Visto App

The Visto App is the main interface which allows users to easily interact with their Visto Doorbell. It allows for full two-way communication in HD video and crystal clear audio. The app can be found on the apple app store and the google play store for android.

Features we love

Beyond the standard audio and video communication, the Visto app is the control unit to be able to configure the settings for recording, motion detection and notifications. You can view all of your doorbell cameras and accessory cameras which might be on the system.

You have the ability to view all stored pictures and videos which are stored on your device or in the cloud.

Visto App
  • Cloud recording

    Live recording 24/7 on cloud service

  • Two-way audio

    Talk with your host using your device

  • Just one click

    To set “at home” or “away” mode

  • Local recording

    Record directly to your device

  • Unlimited Users

    The whole family can see and talk to visitors from their smartphones

Choose your storage plan

With Visto you can record video manually, but it also comes with a great feature that records and uploads your video continuously to the cloud if you’ve subscribed to one of our storage plan. Visto cloud service provides a simple and secure way to save video in our cloud for up to 30 days.



$29 per year

  • 6 months video history
  • 1 Visto doorbell or cam
  • Activity Zones
  • No data restrictions

Store all of your videos on Comelit Cloud for up to 6 months without gigabyte restrictions, and review all of your Visto videos at any time.

$29 per year


Starting at $99 per year

  • Up to 30 days video history
  • 1 Visto doorbell or cam
  • Records 24/7
  • No data restrictions

With Comelit Visto Protection 24/7 storage plan, your camera is constantly streaming video and saving the footage on our Cloud storage. With this plan you really don’t miss a thing: When something happens, your camera captures the entire event from start to finish. You can store up to 30 days of continuous video.

7 days $99 per year
15 days $159 per year
30 days $219 per year

Visto App
  • 1 device

  • No data restriction

  • Up to 6 months video history