Visto External Cam

The visto external cam allows for you to see alternative views of the exterior of your house and yard. It allows for an extra layer if security and monitoring in areas where you want to monitor, like pool areas, walkways, and garages.

Coming Soon

Installation costs not included

Working 24/7

Visto External Cam will monitor outside your home 24/7.
Obviously it’s IP66 waterproof and has an outstanding
night-vision and motion detection.

  • HD camera

    High quality video resolution

  • Night vision

    IR LEDS sense low lighting conditions and auto adjusts the video for better viewing in the dark

  • Motion detection

    Alerting you with a push notification

  • Connection with home router

    With ethernet cable or WiFi

Costantly connected with the free Visto App

  • Cloud Recording

    Optional 24/7 cloud recording, to see what you might have missed

  • Local recording

    FREE Recording of Visitors who press the doorbell button and any motion detection, direct on your mobile device

  • Two-way audio

    Talk to your visitor like a normal conversation

  • Manage your doorbell and cameras

    And set motion detection

  • Just one click

    To set “at home” or “away” mode